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Material Struct Reference
[Instrumental structures]

Public Types

enum  {
  BK7, UBK7, SF4, SK5,
  F2, SF57, FS, EPR,
 Material ID (see snifs_materials.h). More...

Data Fields

enum Material:: { ... }  id
 Material ID (see snifs_materials.h).

char name [lg_label+1]
 name of material

double * sellcoeffs
 Sellmeier coefficients.

Detailed Description

Material structure

Definition at line 71 of file snifs_structures.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Material ID (see snifs_materials.h).

Enumeration values:
BK7  Red grism glass.
FS  Fused silica, blue grism glass.
EPR  Red-grism epoxy.
EPB  Blue-grism epoxy.
NB_MATERIAL  Total number of materials.

Definition at line 74 of file snifs_structures.h.

Field Documentation

enum { ... } Material::id

Material ID (see snifs_materials.h).

Referenced by read_default_snifs_config(), read_snifs_config_from_mask(), and write_snifs_config_to_mask().

char Material::name[lg_label+1]

name of material

Definition at line 86 of file snifs_structures.h.

Referenced by print_snifs_optics(), read_default_snifs_config(), and read_snifs_config_from_mask().

double* Material::sellcoeffs

Sellmeier coefficients.

Definition at line 87 of file snifs_structures.h.

Referenced by blaze_function(), grism_backward(), grism_forward(), read_default_snifs_config(), read_snifs_config_from_mask(), and snifs_optics_test_forward().

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