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Detection and suppression of cosmics from spectro-spatial continuity analysis

-in none Input datacube
-out none Output datacube
-sigclip 10 Detection threshold sigma-clipping
-ring 1 Spatial median filtering radius [spaxel]
-itermax 5 Max nb of iterations
-rspec 3 Spectral median filtering radius [px]
-pixels 2 Spoiled pixels on each side of cosmic [px]
-threshold 1.5 Relative threshold of detection
-dbgmed dbg_cosm_med Spatial median-filtered datacube
-dbgres dbg_cosm_res Residual datacube
Error status
The remcosmic program uses a spectro-spatial filtering-scheme working at the level of the flat-fielded datacube. It proceeds as follow, until there's no more cosmics detected or maximal iteration number has been reached:

The program uses temporary files written on disk with names given by options -dbgmed and -dbgres in DEBUG mode (in normal mode, the names are built from the input datacube name). Beware not to launch two simultaneous remcosmic in the same directory with the same names for temporary files.

The details of the algorithm have to be clarified (see TODOs in spatial_filter_med_cube and Nuke_cosmic)

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