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Plot the SNIFS exposures from max and/or mask

-mask none Input mask
-max NULL Input max
-lines|arc NULL Arc lines table (col. LAMBDA)
-step 200 Output wavelength sampling
  • if step>0: $\lambda$ sampling [AA]
  • if step<0: single $\lambda$=ABS(step)
  • if step=0: no output from mask
-default Read default configuration (and save it to mask)
-orders 0,2 Orders min,max
-lens 0 Single lens analysis (default: all)
  • if lens>0: plot this lens among others
  • if lens<0: only plot this lens
-dev ASCII Output device or filename (see Graphical output)
-limits 0,0:0,0 xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax [px] (default: auto)
-bkgnd NULL Background frame
-cuts 25,99 Background frame cuts (in % of histogram)
-table NULL Output 1st-order table
-offset NULL Manual offset
Error status
Output table:
The output table will store the 1st-order positions on the CCD for the input wavelengthes in columns XLBDAn and YLBDAn (n=1..nlbda). Input wavelengthes are stored in keywords LBDAn.
The background image is assumed to be in pixels, starting at 1,1

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