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extract/source/find_max.c File Reference

Main file for find_max. More...

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#define DBG_PREFIX   "dbg_fmx"


int main (int argc, char **argv)


int glnggeo
double * glIgeo
double * glXgeo
double * glSgeo
int glngpsf
double ** glIpsf
double ** glSpsf
int glngloc

Detailed Description

Main file for find_max.

(c) 2003 CRAL-Observatoire de Lyon / IPNL
Tue Aug 2 03:01:37 2005
A. Rousset

Y. Copin <>

Adapted from Sauron 5.0

find_max.c,v 1.22 2005/09/15 21:43:14 ycopin Exp

In Sauron version, 2D-arrays imin and imax are not freed. Same for 1D arrays intens and iwork

In some case, the xcoord of the max line are not strictly increasing! To be investigated...

Definition in file find_max.c.

Define Documentation

#define DBG_PREFIX   "dbg_fmx"

Prefix for debug files

Definition at line 33 of file find_max.c.

Function Documentation

int main int  argc,
char **  argv

Definition at line 72 of file find_max.c.

References Channel, channel_names, DBG_PREFIX, fit_maxpack(), FMX_SIGMA_CLIP, FMX_TOOFAR, glIgeo, glIpsf, glnggeo, glngpsf, glSgeo, glSpsf, glXgeo, init_snifs(), open_image_ext(), open_mask(), read_channel(), read_PSFgeo_param(), read_PSFglobal_param(), read_PSFlocal_ng(), search_extrema(), search_pack(), set_corePSF(), and SNIFS_INTERSP.

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Variable Documentation

int glnggeo

Definition at line 36 of file find_max.c.

double* glIgeo

Definition at line 37 of file find_max.c.

double * glXgeo

Definition at line 37 of file find_max.c.

double * glSgeo

Definition at line 37 of file find_max.c.

int glngpsf

Definition at line 40 of file find_max.c.

double** glIpsf

Definition at line 43 of file find_max.c.

double ** glSpsf

Definition at line 43 of file find_max.c.

int glngloc

Definition at line 46 of file find_max.c.

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