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Snifs File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
calib/incl/calib.h [code]calib specific function prototyping and define
calib/lib/proc_extinct.c [code]Photometric extinction routines
calib/source/apply_flux.c [code]Main file for apply_flux
calib/source/apply_lfff.c [code]Main file for apply_lfff
calib/source/calib_flux.c [code]Main file for calib_flux
calib/source/comp_lfff.c [code]Main file for comp_lfff
calib/source/extract_flux.c [code]Main file for extract_flux
calib/source/remcosmic.c [code]Main file for remcosmic
calib/source/truncate_cube.c [code]
calib/source/wcalib.c [code]Main file for wcalib
calib/source/wrebin.c [code]Main file for wrebin
doc/snifs_mainpage.h [code]SNIFS documentation main page (no code)
extract/incl/extract.h [code]extract specific function prototyping and define
extract/lib/deprecated.c [code]Deprecated procedures
extract/lib/dump.c [code]Routines to be included in C_iolibs
extract/lib/filter.c [code]Filtering utilities, to be included in C_mathlibs
extract/lib/fit_max.c [code]Misc. fitting procedures used by find_max
extract/lib/fit_mpup.c [code]Misc. fitting procedures used by find_mpup
extract/lib/io.c [code]I/O utilities, to be included in C_iolibs
extract/lib/least_sq.c [code]nllsqfit_bnd utilities, to be included in C_mathlibs
extract/lib/nllsqfit_fn.c [code]Fitting functions to be used with nllsqfit_bnd, to be included in C_mathlibs
extract/lib/optics_signature.c [code]Compute the ray tracing through the SNIFS optics
extract/lib/proc_config.c [code]Config related procedures (cf. old tiger_utils.c)
extract/lib/proc_corr.c [code]Procedures for correlation of arc rasters and peak fitting
extract/lib/proc_extract.c [code]Extraction related procedures
extract/lib/proc_mask.c [code]Misc. procedures used by create_mask
extract/lib/proc_max.c [code]Misc. procedures used by find_max
extract/lib/proc_misc.c [code]Misc. routines
extract/lib/proc_mpup.c [code]Misc. procedures used by find_mpup
extract/lib/proc_plot.c [code]Misc. (mostly DISLIN-related) plotting procedures
extract/lib/proc_psf.c [code]Spectral PSF related procedures
extract/lib/proc_shift.c [code]Calibration-offset related procedures
extract/lib/proc_spectra.c [code]CCD spectrum related procedures
extract/source/check_optics.c [code]Main file for check_optics
extract/source/create_mask.c [code]Main file for create_mask
extract/source/extract_spec.c [code]Main file for extract_spec
extract/source/find_max.c [code]Main file for find_max
extract/source/find_mpup.c [code]Main file for find_mpup
extract/source/fit_mpupgeo.c [code]Main file for fit_mpupgeo
extract/source/offset_max.c [code]Small program to offset a max
extract/source/plot_optics.c [code]Main file for plot_optics
extract/source/prepare_mask.c [code]Main file for prepare_mask
extract/source/restore_frame.c [code]Main file for restore_frame
focus/incl/focus.h [code]focus specific function prototyping and define
focus/source/center_2gauss.c [code]Main file for center_gauss
focus/source/center_gauss.c [code]Main file for center_gauss
focus/source/comp_shift.c [code]Small program to compute shift between arc exposures
focus/source/focus_spectro.c [code]Main file for focus_spectro
incl/libsnifs.h [code]Project-wide function prototyping and define
incl/snifs.h [code]General include for SNIFS project
incl/snifs_instrument.h [code]SNIFS instrumental characteristics
incl/snifs_keywords.h [code]Some FITS keywords (previously in tiger_def.h)
incl/snifs_materials.h [code]Sellmeier dispersion formula coefficient for used glasses
incl/snifs_structures.h [code]SNIFS structures (from tiger_items.h)
lib/external.c [code]External calibration file related procedures
lib/misc.c [code]Misc. project-wide routines
lib/stats.c [code]Statistics utilities, to be included in C_mathlibs
pipeline/quick/quick_scripts.h [code]quick_scripts documentation page (no code)
template/incl/template.h [code]Function prototyping in template package
template/lib/snifs_proc.c [code]1st library
template/source/snifs.c [code]1st program, does nothing

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