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Deprecated List

Global nllsqfit_localPSF (long *mode, long *npts, long *npar, long *ldfj, double par[], double fvec[], double fjac[], long *nstate, long *iuser, double x_n_sig[])
For a local PSF with more than 1 gaussian, use nllsqfit_localPSFn

Global snifs_channel (const float lbdaref)
Due to the overlap of the 2 channel wavelength bands, it's difficult to find out the channel from the single reference wavelength. Use read_channel instead.

Global read_exptime (void *anyfile)
The spectrographic channel exposure time keyword EXPTIME is 10s too long wrt. real exposure time (as can be read from photometric channel). We therefore use the keyword EFFTIME which has to be correct.

Page find_mpup
Since there's nothing close to a mpup exposure, find_mpup will soon disappear. The cross-dispersion profile analysis and the first estimate of the mask parameters will be done with prepare_mask.

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