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Flux calibration (spectrum extraction and correction computation)

-in Input datacube (of an observed flux standard star)
-out Output flux correction spectrum
-ref Reference flux table (name,lambda-col,flux-col)
-col Lens position columns (X,Y, defaulted to A,D)
-center Position of the flux standard star
-radius Radius of the summation region around the flux standard star
-psf PSF sigma1,sigma2,ratio (using a PSF estimate to correct for incompleteness)
-smooth Coefficient (> 0) for the polynomial smoothing of the correction spectrum
-exclude Wavelength regions to exclude from the smoothing (table,lbdamin-col,lbdamax-col)
-extinct Extinction table (table,wavelength-col,extinction-col)
Error status

This program combines the flux standard spectrum extraction (crude aperture photometry without differential atmospheric refraction correction) and comparison with reference flux table (without spectral resolution correction). It has been split (from v1.14) in two distincts components: -extract_flux: extract the flux standard spectrum from the cube -calib_flux: compute the flux correction from the flux standard spectrum and its reference table. .

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