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Bug List

Global spatial_filter_med_cube (TIGERfile *incube, TIGERfile *medcube, int ring, int iter)
Unallocated array index in Sauron version

Global Nuke_cosmic (SPECTRUM *signal, SPECTRUM *noise, SPECTRUM *medspec, SPECTRUM *medvar, SPECTRUM *resspec, float sigclip, float threshold, int pixels)
In previous versions, the 1st pixel could not be flaggued as neighbor of a cosmic.

Global study_triangulation (IMAGE2D mpup, float xpup[], float ypup[], int npup, int iadj[], int iend[], double xtri[], double ytri[], double stri[], double ltri[], double atri[])
In previous versions of find_mpup, npts is initialized to iend[0]-1 instead of iend[0].

Global nllsqfit_globalPSF (long *mode, long *npts, long *npar, long *ldfj, double *par, double fvec[], double fjac[], long *nstate, long *iuser, double x_n_sig[])
In n_gauss_pup (in SAURON/find_mpup), Is and Ss are ngauss*ngauss (here npsf*npsf) instead of NGGEOPUP*ngauss (here ngeo*npsf)

Global read_default_snifs_config (const Channel channel, SnifsConfig *config)
In structure Tiger_optics, g_per_mm should be a DOUBLE.

Global write_snifs_config_to_mask (TABLE *mask, SnifsConfig *config)
Could there be a bug when char *confname[lg_ident+1] while RD_desc(mask,CONFIG_NAME,CHAR,lg_ident,confname)? Does RD_desc add the null character?

Global snifs_optics_forward (const SnifsOptics *optics, double xmla, double ymla, double *xccd, double *yccd, double lambda, int order)
In previous optics_signature functions, the computation of the direction vector is probably wrong by the sign of the x and y components. However, since the tilts of the grism are adjusted, there should not be any incidence.

File find_max.c
In Sauron version, 2D-arrays imin and imax are not freed. Same for 1D arrays intens and iwork

In some case, the xcoord of the max line are not strictly increasing! To be investigated...

Global main (int argc, char **argv)
Do not check FCLASS yet: the preprocess does not propagate FCLASS on B-channel

Page extract_spec
There might be a bug (potential SEGFAULT) in the computation of fitting window limits i1,i2,... in Sauron.

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