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focus/source/center_gauss.c File Reference

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long nllsqfit_2DgaussB (long *mode, long *npts, long *npar, long *ldfj, double *par, double *f, double *fjac, long *nstate, long *iuser, double *user)
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

long nllsqfit_2DgaussB long *  mode,
long *  npts,
long *  npar,
long *  ldfj,
double *  par,
double *  f,
double *  fjac,
long *  nstate,
long *  iuser,
double *  user

Very similar to nllsqfit_2Dgauss except for image-oriented array ordering.

See nllsqfit_2Dgauss for details.

Definition at line 36 of file center_gauss.c.

Referenced by main().

int main int  argc,
char **  argv

Do not check FCLASS yet: the preprocess does not propagate FCLASS on B-channel

Definition at line 95 of file center_gauss.c.

References Plot::devname, Plot::Graph, init_snifs(), Plot::Limits, Plot::maxcut, Plot::mincut, minmax_f(), nllsqfit_2DgaussB(), open_image(), plot_axes(), plot_compticks(), plot_set_bkgnd(), plot_start(), plot_title(), PlotLimits::xmax, PlotLimits::xmin, PlotLimits::ymax, and PlotLimits::ymin.

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