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Multitype Union Reference

#include <f2c.h>

Data Fields

integer1 g
shortint h
integer i
real r
doublereal d
complex c
doublecomplex z

Field Documentation

integer1 Multitype::g

Definition at line 118 of file f2c.h.

shortint Multitype::h

Definition at line 119 of file f2c.h.

integer Multitype::i

Definition at line 120 of file f2c.h.

real Multitype::r

Definition at line 122 of file f2c.h.

doublereal Multitype::d

Definition at line 123 of file f2c.h.

complex Multitype::c

Definition at line 124 of file f2c.h.

doublecomplex Multitype::z

Definition at line 125 of file f2c.h.

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