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C_libs/io/std_io/iolib.c File Reference

Basic i/o routines. More...

#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/times.h>
#include <IFU_io.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <data_io.h>

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#define STOP_PROG   10000
#define NUL_IVAL   2147483647
#define NUL_RVAL   1.701411e38
#define NUL_DVAL   1.70141183460469229e38
#define NUL_CVAL   '\0'


void sig_segm (int nb)
void sig_usr1 (int nb)
void sig_usr2 (int nb)
void do_nothing (int nb)
void confirme_erase (char *name)
int parse_arg (char **, int, char ***, char ***)
void init_session (char **argv, int argc, char ***arg_labels, char ***arg_values)
void exit_session (int status)
void stop_by_user ()
int get_descr_type (void *anyfile, char *descr, short *type)
int Read_one_desc (void *anyfile, char *descr, short type, int nb_elt, void *val)
int RD_desc (void *anyfile, char *descr, short type, int nb_elt, void *val)
int WR_desc (void *anyfile, char *descr, short type,int nb_elt, void *val)
int WR_history (void *anyfile_out, void *anyfile_in)
int delete_desc (void *anyfile, char *descr)
int get_all_desc (void *anyfile_in, char ***descr_list)
int CP_non_std_desc (void *anyfile_in, void *anyfile_out)
int create_spec (SPECTRUM *spectrum, char *name, int npix, double start, double step, short datatype, char *ident, char *unit)
int header_spec (SPECTRUM *spectrum, char *name, char *mode)
int open_spec (SPECTRUM *spectrum, char *name, char *mode)
int close_spec (SPECTRUM *spectrum)
int delete_spec (SPECTRUM *spectrum)
int create_spec_mem (SPECTRUM *spectrum, int npix, double start, double step, short datatype)
int create_frame (IMAGE2D *frame, char *name, int *npix, double *start, double *step, short datatype, char *ident, char *unit)
int header_frame (IMAGE2D *frame, char *name, char *mode)
int open_frame (IMAGE2D *frame, char *name, char *mode)
int close_frame (IMAGE2D *frame)
int delete_frame (IMAGE2D *frame)
int create_table (TABLE *table, char *name, int nbrow, int nbcol, char mode, char *ident)
int open_table (TABLE *table, char *name, char *mode)
int close_table (TABLE *table)
int handle_select_flag (TABLE *table, char mode, char *selection)
int write_selection (TABLE *table, int *sel, char *selection)
int get_col_ref (TABLE *table, char *label)
int get_col_name (TABLE *table, int no_col, char *label)
int get_col_info (TABLE *table, int no_col, int *dtype, char *format, char *unit)
int create_col (TABLE *table, char *colname, short type, char mode, char *format, char *user_unit)
int delete_col (TABLE *table, int nocol)
int delete_row (TABLE *table, int nrow)
int RD_tbl (TABLE *table, int row, int col, void *value)
int RD_col (TABLE *table, int col, void *value)
int WR_tbl (TABLE *table, int row, int col, void *value)
int WR_null (TABLE *table, int row, int col)
int delete_table (TABLE *table)
int create_cube (IMAGE3D *cube, char *name, int *npix, double *start, double *step, short datatype, char *ident, char *unit)
int header_cube (IMAGE3D *cube, char *name, char *mode)
int open_cube (IMAGE3D *cube, char *name, char *mode)
int close_cube (IMAGE3D *cube)
int delete_cube (IMAGE3D *cube)


IO_Format InputIO
IO_Format OutputIO
char Calling_Prog [lg_name+1] = "program"
char Cmd_History [lg_hist+1] = ""
int List_Length
char ** pt_ArgLabels
char soft_version [10] = "0.0"

Detailed Description

Basic i/o routines.

A. Pecontal
4.0 1992-Jun-15 : Creation, AR 4.1 2002-Nov-30 : Added access to FITS extension, AP 4.2 2003-Jun-06 : free memory when deleting an open file
(c) 1992 Observatoire de Lyon - St Genis-Laval (France)

Definition in file iolib.c.

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#define STOP_PROG   10000

Definition at line 42 of file iolib.c.

Referenced by exit_session(), and stop_by_user().

Variable Documentation

IO_Format InputIO

Definition at line 44 of file iolib.c.

IO_Format OutputIO

Definition at line 44 of file iolib.c.

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