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C_libs/io/std_io/io_utils.c File Reference

utilities for I/O More...

#include <gendef.h>
#include <items.h>
#include <data_io.h>
#include <stdarg.h>

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int print_msg (char *string,...)
int print_msg_nocr (char *text)
int print_label (char *text)
int print_progress (char *text, float pourcent, float step)
int reset_print_progress ()
int print_warning (char *string,...)
int print_error (char *string,...)
void coord_frame (IMAGE2D *frame, int pixel_x, int pixel_y, float *x, float *y)
void pixel_frame (IMAGE2D *frame, float x, float y, int *pixel_x, int *pixel_y)
int set_subspec (SPECTRUM *spectrum, double binf, double bsup)
int spec_minmax (SPECTRUM *spectrum)
int inter_spec (SPECTRUM *spec1, SPECTRUM *spec2)
int image_minmax (IMAGE2D *frame)
int flip_frame (IMAGE2D *image)
int cube_minmax (IMAGE3D *cube)
int search_in_col (TABLE *table, int num, void *item)
int get_col_width (TABLE *table, int colno)
int RD_catalog (char *catalog, char *filename)


int wrcr = 0

Detailed Description

utilities for I/O

A. Pecontal
4.0 1992-June-15 : Creation AR
(c) 1992 Observatoire de Lyon - St Genis-Laval (France)

Definition in file io_utils.c.

Variable Documentation

int wrcr = 0

Definition at line 16 of file io_utils.c.

Referenced by print_error(), print_label(), print_msg(), print_msg_nocr(), print_progress(), and print_warning().

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