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The Euro3D-LCL I/O library


The Euro3D-LCL I/O library is the official Euro3D I/O library, implementing the official Euro3D data format and offering a variety of tools for efficient and portable programming (option parsing, session handling, standard and error I/O, etc.). It is based on the so-called IFU library, developped over the years at the CRAL-Observatoire de Lyon (hence the LCL name, for 'Lyon C Library') in the TIGER team, and mainly by Arlette Rousset-Pecontal, and heavily used and tested in various integral field spectrography projects (TIGRE, OASIS, SAURON).

The latest stable release of the library can be found on the "Official" Euro3D-LCL I/O library webpage, while the latest (unsupported) release can be found on the Euro3D LCL website. If you are new in the Euro3D/IFU programmation, this page also provides:

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