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(lg_version+lg_ident+lg_unit+lg_name)*sizeof(char) \
The E3D_file structure contains fields describing the whole set of spectra (number of spectra, data type, binning step) and pointers to arrays of spectra headers (signal and noise). Assuming 'frame' is the name of the E3D file, one can retrieve the main parameters, using : \ frame.ident frame.cunit frame.history frame.table_name (i.e. name of the associated table) frame.nbspec frame.step frame.data_type (i.e. short, int, float, double ...) \ frame.spectrum[i].specId frame.spectrum[i].npix frame.spectrum[i].start frame.spectrum[i].end frame.spectrum[i].min frame.spectrum[i].max \ 'i' beeing the index of the spectrum in the cube (from 0 to nbspec-1). \ The E3D_file may be accessed slice by slice.

Definition at line 73 of file 3D_iolib.c.

Referenced by close_E3D_file(), create_E3D_file(), and open_E3D_file().

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