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Getting/Exiting SESSION


void init_session (char **argv, int argc, char ***arg_labels, char ***arg_values)
void exit_session (int status)
void stop_by_user ()

Function Documentation

void init_session char **  argv,
int  argc,
char ***  arg_labels,
char ***  arg_values

gets set-up variables and inits logfile

argv [char **] parameter list passed to main program
argc [int ] number of parameters
arg_labels [char ***] list of labels returned by parse_arg
arg_values [char ***] list of values returned by parse_arg

Definition at line 179 of file iolib.c.

References IO_Format::basic_io, Calling_Prog, Cmd_History, exit_session(), Handle_Error(), InputIO, IRAF_FORMAT, LIBRARY_VERSION, List_Length, MIDAS_FORMAT, OutputIO, parse_arg(), print_msg(), pt_ArgLabels, set_control_level(), set_user_dataformat(), sig_segm(), soft_version, and STSDAS_FORMAT.

void exit_session int  status  ) 

terminates run

status [int ] return status

Definition at line 256 of file iolib.c.

References IO_Format::basic_io, Calling_Prog, InputIO, MIDAS_FORMAT, OutputIO, print_msg(), and STOP_PROG.

Referenced by confirme_erase(), convert_datacube(), convert_image(), convert_spec(), convert_table(), decode_open_tablexy(), find_selected_arg(), get_argval(), Handle_Error(), init_session(), and stop_by_user().

void stop_by_user  ) 

ends a program execution on user request

Definition at line 299 of file iolib.c.

References exit_session(), and STOP_PROG.

Referenced by create_table().

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