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Working on TABLES


int search_in_col (TABLE *table, int num, void *item)
int get_col_width (TABLE *table, int colno)

Function Documentation

int search_in_col TABLE table,
int  num,
void *  item

search for a specific item in a column

table [TABLE *] table structure
num [int ] column number
item [(type) *] item (same type as column type)

Definition at line 651 of file io_utils.c.

References CHAR, TABLE::data_format, DOUBLE, FLOAT, get_col_info(), get_tiger_errcode(), Handle_Error(), INT, lg_unit, LONG, RD_col(), TABLE::row, SHORT, and sizeof_item().

Referenced by get_lens_coordinates(), get_lenses_coord(), and set_lens_coordinates().

int get_col_width TABLE table,
int  colno

returns column width (FITS vector columns)

table [TABLE *] table structure
colno [int ] column number

Definition at line 730 of file io_utils.c.

References CHAR, lg_label, and RD_desc().

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