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Routines for file conversions


void copy_col (TABLE *src, TABLE *dst, int col)
void convert_spec (char *in, char *out)
void convert_table (char *in, char *out)
void convert_image (char *in, char *out)
void convert_datacube (char *in, char *out)

Function Documentation

void copy_col TABLE src,
TABLE dst,
int  col

copy a column from a table to another table

src [TABLE *] Input table
dst [TABLE *] Output table
col [int ] column no

Definition at line 29 of file convert.c.

References create_col(), DOUBLE, FLOAT, get_col_info(), get_col_name(), INT, LONG, RD_tbl(), TABLE::row, SHORT, and WR_tbl().

Referenced by convert_table().

void convert_spec char *  in,
char *  out

convert a spectrum

in [char *] Input spectrum
out [char *] Output spectrum

Definition at line 117 of file convert.c.

References close_spec(), CP_non_std_desc(), create_spec(), SPECTRUM::cunit, SPECTRUM::data_type, exit_session(), SPECTRUM::ident, SPECTRUM::npts, open_spec(), print_error(), RD_spec, SPECTRUM::start, SPECTRUM::step, and WR_spec.

void convert_table char *  in,
char *  out

convert a table

in [char *] Input table
out [char *] Output table

Definition at line 153 of file convert.c.

References close_table(), TABLE::col, copy_col(), CP_non_std_desc(), create_table(), exit_session(), handle_select_flag(), TABLE::ident, open_table(), print_error(), print_progress(), and TABLE::row.

Referenced by convert_datacube().

void convert_image char *  in,
char *  out

convert a 2D image

in [char *] Input image
out [char *] Output image

Definition at line 197 of file convert.c.

References close_frame(), CP_non_std_desc(), create_frame(), IMAGE2D::cunit, IMAGE2D::data_type, exit_session(), IMAGE2D::ident, IMAGE2D::nx, IMAGE2D::ny, open_frame(), print_error(), RD_frame, IMAGE2D::startx, IMAGE2D::starty, IMAGE2D::stepx, IMAGE2D::stepy, and WR_frame.

void convert_datacube char *  in,
char *  out

convert a datacube (Euro3D & Tiger formats)

in [char *] Input datacube
out [char *] Output datacube

Definition at line 249 of file convert.c.

References close_E3D_file(), convert_table(), CP_non_std_desc(), create_E3D_file(), E3D_file::cunit, E3D_file::data_format, E3D_file::data_type, E3D_TIGER_EXT, ERR_BAD_PARAM, ERR_CREAT, ERR_OPEN, exit_session(), get_assoc_table_name(), get_E3D_spaxels(), get_E3D_spec(), E3D_file::groups, E3D_file::ident, lg_name, E3D_file::nbspec, E3D_file::ngroups, E3D_file::noise, open_E3D_file(), print_error(), print_progress(), put_E3D_groups(), put_E3D_spaxels(), put_E3D_spec(), E3D_file::signal, E3Dspec_desc::specId, E3D_file::step, and TIGER_FORMAT.

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