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IFU_C_iolibs File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
C_libs/gen/dyn_alloc.c [code]Facilities for memory allocation of 2D arrays
C_libs/gen/files.c [code]Facilities for files handling
C_libs/gen/strings.c [code]Facilities for character strings manipulation
C_libs/io/3D_io/3D_iolib.c [code]3D files i/o
C_libs/io/3D_io/compat.c [code]3D files i/o (compatibility with old stuff)
C_libs/io/std_io/convert.c [code]
C_libs/io/std_io/decode.c [code]
C_libs/io/std_io/io_error.c [code]I/O errors handling according to user settings
C_libs/io/std_io/io_misc.c [code]General tools for I/O
C_libs/io/std_io/io_utils.c [code]Utilities for I/O
C_libs/io/std_io/iolib.c [code]Basic i/o routines
C_libs/io/std_io/parse_arg.c [code]Utilities to handle arguments
C_libs/io/std_io/version.c [code]Utilities related to version control
doc/mainpage_dxg.h [code]Doxygen main page (no code)
incl/3D_iofunc.h [code]Functions declarations for usual Tiger i/o
incl/3D_items.h [code]
incl/alloc.h [code]Flags definition for 2D array dynamical allocation functions
incl/data_io.h [code]
incl/error_codes.h [code]General definitions about errors handling
incl/f2c.h [code]
incl/funcdecl.h [code]Functions declarations
incl/funcdef.h [code]Functions definition for usual i/o
incl/gendef.h [code]Variables generales a l'application
incl/IFU_io.h [code]Standard includes list
incl/iofuncdecl.h [code]Functions declarations for usual i/o
incl/items.h [code]
incl/macro.h [code]General definitions for usual functions
incl/soft_version.h [code]Version dependant parameters
incl/tiger_defs.h [code]
util/source/doc_tex.c [code]Facility to create basic documentations in latex format

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