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C_libs/io/std_io/decode.c File Reference

#include <gendef.h>
#include <items.h>

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double trunc_double (double var, int k)
int decode_open_tablexy (char *arg, TABLE *tab, int *colx, int *coly)
int decode_argval_char (char *arg, char **val)
int decode_argval_double (char *arg, double *val, char *sep)
int decode_argval_int (char *arg, int *val, char *sep)
int decode_argval_float (char *arg, float *val, char *sep)
int find_selected_arg (char **argval, char **argname, int *list, int n)

Function Documentation

double trunc_double double  var,
int  k

Definition at line 16 of file decode.c.

References NINT.

int decode_open_tablexy char *  arg,
TABLE tab,
int *  colx,
int *  coly

Definition at line 26 of file decode.c.

References decode_argval_char(), exit_session(), get_col_ref(), and open_table().

int decode_argval_char char *  arg,
char **  val

Definition at line 45 of file decode.c.

Referenced by decode_open_tablexy().

int decode_argval_double char *  arg,
double *  val,
char *  sep

Definition at line 67 of file decode.c.

int decode_argval_int char *  arg,
int *  val,
char *  sep

Definition at line 96 of file decode.c.

int decode_argval_float char *  arg,
float *  val,
char *  sep

Definition at line 125 of file decode.c.

int find_selected_arg char **  argval,
char **  argname,
int *  list,
int  n

Definition at line 154 of file decode.c.

References exit_session().

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