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C_libs/io/3D_io/compat.c File Reference

3D files i/o (compatibility with old stuff) More...

#include <IFU_io.h>
#include <data_io.h>
#include <values.h>
#include "../cfitsio/fitsio.h"
#include "../cfitsio/longnam.h"

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#define CREAT_FILE_PERM   0666
#define OPEN_FILE_PERM   0644
#define find_lens(frame, type_of_spec, no_lens, i)
#define extract_3D_slice_noalloc(type_of_slice)


void confirme_erase (char *name)
int set_tiger_group (E3D_file *frame)
int create_tiger_frame (E3D_file *frame, char *name, int npix, double start, double step, short datatype, char *table_name, char *ident, char *unit)
int close_tiger_frame (E3D_file *frame)
int delete_tiger_spec (E3D_file *frame, SPECTRUM *signal, SPECTRUM *noise, int specId)
int set_bigendian (short type)
int get_assoc_table_name (char *name, char *tab_name)
int get_lenses_no_from_table (E3D_file *frame, int *specId)
int get_lenses_coord (E3D_file *frame, char *lab_xcol, char *lab_ycol, int *specId, float *xlens, float *ylens, int *il)
int set_lenses_coord (E3D_file *frame, char *lab_xcol, char *lab_ycol, int nbl, int *specId, float *xlens, float *ylens)
int get_lenses_coord_select (E3D_file *frame, char *lab_xcol, char *lab_ycol, int *specId, float *xlens, float *ylens, int *il, int *nbsel)
int init_new_tiger_slice (E3D_file *frame, SLICE *slice, int npts)
int get_3D_slice_noalloc (E3D_file *frame, SLICE *signal, SLICE *noise, int index)
int get_lens_coordinates (E3D_file *frame, int specId, float *xlens, float *ylens)
int set_lens_coordinates (E3D_file *frame, int specId, float *xlens, float *ylens)
int alloc_3D_max (Maxima_Set *maxima, int nblines, int nbmax_by_line)
int load_3D_max (Maxima_Set *maxima, char *name)
int save_3D_max (Maxima_Set *maxima, char *name)
int interpolate_noise (SPECTRUM *noise)


int ASK
IO_Format InputIO
IO_Format OutputIO

Detailed Description

3D files i/o (compatibility with old stuff)

A. Pecontal
1.0 2002-Dec-03 : creation, AP
(c) 1992 Observatoire de Lyon - St Genis-Laval (France)

Definition in file compat.c.

Define Documentation

#define CREAT_FILE_PERM   0666

Definition at line 22 of file compat.c.

#define OPEN_FILE_PERM   0644

Definition at line 23 of file compat.c.


Definition at line 24 of file compat.c.


Definition at line 25 of file compat.c.

#define find_lens frame,


for (*(i)=0; *(i)<frame->nbspec \
                && frame->type_of_spec[*(i)].specId != no_lens \
                && frame->type_of_spec[*(i)].specId != LENS_UNDEF; (*(i))++); \
        if ((frame->type_of_spec[*(i)].specId == LENS_UNDEF) \
                || (*(i) == frame->nbspec)) \
                *(i) = -1

Definition at line 27 of file compat.c.

Variable Documentation

int ASK

Definition at line 19 of file compat.c.

IO_Format InputIO

Definition at line 20 of file compat.c.

IO_Format OutputIO

Definition at line 20 of file compat.c.

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