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This page is dedicated to the SNifs Useful Reduction Package, the data reduction software of the SNIFS instrument. It provides some related links and documents, but does not serve as a source repository.

Warning: This page is by no mean a user-oriented page, so don't look for some interesting informations on how to install and/or use the SNIFS software.

Latest changes
  • Snifs-0-7 26/10/05


Software Overview

Snifs-0-726/10/05 flux calibration, cosmic rays, quick_pipeline, wavelength reference tables and calibration.
Snifs-0-619/07/05 switch to IFU_C_iolibs-6.2, flux calibration, quick scripts (quick_cube, quick_calib, quick_extract, etc.), DISLIN output handler, fit_background, new spatial orientation, corrected exposure time, post-march'05 engineering run masks, documentation.
Snifs-0-523/11/04 Switch to IFU_C_iolibs-6.1, quick_subsky, center_gauss.
Snifs-0-423/08/04 Second-generation masks.
Snifs-0-331/03/04 This is a bugfix release to comply with gcc 2.9x compilers (create_mask.c)
Snifs-0-226/03/04 Include 1st-order optimal extraction.
Snifs-0-1 Raw extraction.

Reference Manual

The SNIFS Reference Manual is automatically generated from the sources via Doxygen. I provide here a recent taggued-release documentation, but the bleeding-edge Snifs-developer Reference Manual can be built directly from the latest sources.

Latest online-version: Snifs-0-7 (26/10/05)

External libraries

Euro3D-LCL I/O library

The Euro3D-LCL I/O library is the official Euro3D I/O library, implementing the FITS Euro3D data format according to the latest specifications, and offering a variety of tools for efficient and portable programming (option parsing, session handling, standard and error I/O, etc.). This library, also known as the IFU_C_iolibs library, is heavily used in the SNIFS (and other TIGER-like instruments: OASIS and SAURON) data reduction softwares.

The Euro3D-LCL I/O Reference Manual is directly generated from the 1.0b/6.0b sources via Doxygen.

Other libraries

The SNIFS data reduction software relies on some other libraries:

Documents and links

Calibration Task Force

The spectro-photometric accuracy of the extraction and calibration procedures implemented in the Snifs package and used in the data reduction process up to the photometric calibration is assessed by the SNfactory Calibration Task Force

Photometric calibration

The theory of the photometric calibration of Snifs observations is described in this document.


The data reduction software developped at CRAL for the TIGER-like IFUs was the starting point for the SNIFS data reduction softwares.

Data reduction scheme of OASIS:

Reference files

Extraction masks

I provide here 2nd-generation masks for both spectroscopic channels, as used in the quick_cube script of Acq_scripts. The quality of the optical model is improved with respect to the 1st-generation masks (e.g. no missing/extra lenslets), but they are still not suitable for multi-order optimal extraction.

Blue channel
mask and reference arc
Red channel
mask and reference arc

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