Last update # Time-stamp: "2002-05-29 17:09:14 antilog"

Contact People at the CCIN2P3 for the snovae group

Networking ( Network + Visio-conf )
J.Bernier : Main CCIN2P3 contact for the snovae group + Network Contact.
G.Drevon Network + Video-conf
D.Charnay : visio-conference and web server
L.Schwarz bbftp development and support
Hardware and Storage
B.Delaunay : NFS disk
P.Gaillardon HPSS development and support
Processing and software
Y.Carderas : Development of BQS parallel.
L.Tortay CVS development and support
W.Wojcik Common Software instalation and support
P-E.Macchi Oracle and Web server.
J-R.Rouet Oracle support