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SNFactory : Notes sent to conferences and/or conference proceedings

The CONF notes are related to the SNFactory notes sent to conferences or to conference proceedings.

Note Id Ref. Author(s) Conference Date File Title
CONF-03-002 Proceeding M. Wood-Vasey et al. Work Shop on SuperNova and Dust, May 2003 , Paris, France Oct. 2003 pdf The Nearby Supernova Factory
CONF-03-001 Proceeding,SPIE, 2003, vol. 5249, 146-155 B. Lantz et al. SPIE 2003, St Etienne, France Sep. 2003 pdf SNIFS: a wideband integral field spectrograph with microlens arrays
CONF-02-002 Proceeding P.Antilogus et al. Moriond 2002, France March 2002 pdf Nearby SuperNova Factory
CONF-02-001 Proceeding,SPIE, 2002, vol. 4836, 61-72 G.Aldering et al. SPIE 2002, US January 2002 pdf Overview of the Nearby SuperNova Factory