Minutes  of the meeting "SNFactory/SNIFS  software"
                       March 13th  2001

Presents :
  LBL  :
    Greg Aldering, Andy Howell, Chuck McParland, Peter Nugent,
    Saul Perlmutter, Michael Wood-Vasey

  Lyon :
    Pierre Antilogus, Cecile Aufranc, Sebastien Fabbro, Emmanuel Pecontal

A) Status of our developments 
     a) SNIFS modules ( E.Pecontal) 
        ( A "SNIFS module" corresponds to a given action during the )
        (  SNIFS data reduction                                     )

        - The OASIS software is used as a starting point for
          the SNIFS modules. The OASIS software release 4.5
          has been delivered beginning of March and will be
          used as this starting point.
          The OASIS data reduction scheme can be found at 


        - One of the actual activity is to identify differences
          between SNIFS and OASIS. 
          Example of differences : 
             - photometry / inter-calibration of spectra
             - 2 arms ( Red + Blue ) 
             - Sky subtraction ( with fiber in SNIFS )  
          A first summary of these differences and the corresponding
          work to be done can be found in : 

    b) SNIFS simulation (E.Pecontal) 

        There is in Lyon an effort to improve the understanding/description
        /modelisation of IFU with micro-lenses .
        One of the non-understood problem in OASIS is a (small) shift of the 
        micro-lenses position on the CCD  when the micro-lens "sees"  the edge
        of the PSF of a point like object.
        An improved aberration/dispersion studies of the system is
        under way. A global simulation is expect in the next 2-3 months.

    c) Pipeline (C.Aufranc)

        - The design of the database to handle the different raw data files
          from SNIFS and the files produced at the different stage of the
          data reduction ( including log file ) is under way.
        - In June we plan to be able to test the full design of the pipeline. 
          At this time the prototype of the pipeline will use OASIS module.
    d) Hawaii (G.Aldering) 

        - The goal is to be able to do as much as possible 
          a remote control of the telescope / SNIFS.
          We should be able to handle the telescope from 
          Hilo or any remote location.
          => Work/fund is needed on the telescope side :
              - security aspect 
              - big soft issue
          As soon the money comes , they will get people
          more dedicated to this software issue.
        - It's hard to get in touch with Andrew Pickles
          ... What should we do ? => 
             - try to get him by phone
             - Greg will try to get him
             - Can we have a name of someone "below" him  
          ( PS : It seems than this action had some effect    as )
          ( A.Pecontal got quite a bunch of information          )
          ( from A.Pickles since the meeting                     )

        - In May someone is coming in Berkeley to work on the 
          SN localization and the corresponding positioning
          ( guider ? )  

        - We will have pc's in Hawaii 

        - A.Pecontal could try to setup a list of think we want
          to control in Hawaii. 

 2) Search (M.Wood-Vasey)
     - Work is underway on quality issue : 
          - tracking
          - focus
          - automatize quality estimation

     - pipeline : 
          - it goes alone fine
          - For the moment there is 5 candidates/image 
             => next step ; candidate selection
     - There is an intensive test of NEAT.
       Further running on its way in March/April.
       Possibility to get spectra of candidates.

 3) Scheduler (G.Aldering) 
    - There is the experience of the nearby campaign.
    - Greg is looking for a packages able to handle all
      the information (JPL stuff could be used ? ) 
      This package should be flexible enough to handle
      all the inputs we want to get together.
    - Do we want a simulation of the scheduler , to optimize it ? (P.A) 
       - Let see what can be done with the NEAT data ...

    - We will need people to "control" the scheduler .
      But we will have lots of other thing to control ,
      from the telescope to SNIFS , including the SNIFS
      and NEAT data reduction ... 
      The goal will be to have one person controlling 
      everything ... but for sure at the beginning we will
      need lots of people on the bridge.
    - The scheduler should be able to take into account
      "strange" SN Ia , to optimize the time of observation.
      => see point 4) 

 4) SN Identification  

     - P.Nugent wrote a proposal to raise fund to have 
         2 people on SN modeling to improve it "online".

     - A.Howell introduced the red shift in the SN identification 
       code : more work than expected is needed.

B) Data exchange 

 1)  Data/work/soft/doc flow : a first overview 

     See the text send by P.Antilogus

 2)  A few comments ( C.McParland )
      - A proposal on a "Cosmology Facility" to distribute
        observation/simulation back and force is due by tomorrow.
        The funds asked in this proposal are  , like in the P.Nugent one ,
        for manpower.
      - Chuck will investigate the tools used at SLAC to have a 
        "sharable web" , allowing every body to update the data
        on a given Web server.

 1) Next meeting :

     Our meeting was  planed for the

               Thursday April 19th     ( LBL 8:30 a.m , France 5.30 p.m )

     due to SCP data taking this meeting has to be moved. 

     I propose : 
       Any day between the 26th April to the 4th of May
       ( except the 1st of May => labour day on this side of the atlantic ) 
       (        and 3rd of May => as we already have a  SNIFS meeting     )

       Please send my your veto.

       If there is no reaction by Wednesday 18th of April
       I will book the meeting for :
          Wednesday 2nd of May at the usual time.